What is a yearbook?

Typically in A4 size, a yearbook is like a photograph - a snapshot in time and a permanent record of classmates, school events and trends of their time.

Your students will LOVE flipping through the pages, reminiscing over past school events and recalling forgotten moments through their photos and stories.

Want to see what a "real life" yearbook looks like? Order your FREE sample HERE



How much does a yearbook cost?

Yearbooks cost from €19.99 per yearbook.

*Bookings are secured on receipt of a 15% non-refundable deposit.


If just the thought of undertaking a yearbook makes you feel like this...

...We need to talk!

What f I told you... there is an easy way to get your yearbook done?!

What if I told you... over years of working with primary schools, I've developed a 5 step yearbook system that really works!

...A yearbook system that delivers yearbooks with less stress and more success!

...A system that delivers yearbooks on time, every time with minimal stress!


Take the stress out of your yearbook with my tried and tested... 5 steps to yearbook success.


STEP 1: Get in touch!

Book your FREE 15 min Zoom Discovery Call. 

I'll take you through what's involved in a yearbook AND give you a free, no-obligation quote.

You'll know exactly how much your yearbook will cost.
You'll have clear pricing with no nasty surprises. AND you'll know exactly what will be included in your price, right from the start!

Book your call HERE

Book your call HERE

Of course you can always...

Email me at helen@simplyindividual.ie if you prefer OR Call me on 087 7870264


STEP 2: Save yourself time and money

By choosing one of my 7 yearbook themes, you'll get access to professional yearbook designs, without the design agency price-tag!

Check out how each theme looks with full page & half-page student profiles and photos with these handy flipbook links SEE DESIGN GALLERY HERE

If you'd prefer to create a yearbook totally unique to your school, then get in touch and let's chat!



STEP 3: Avoid the last minute panic!

We start early (Jan/Feb '24)! Once you've secured your booking with a 15% non-refundable deposit, you can look forward to a smooth yearbook project! 

I'll work out a timetable to deliver your yearbook project that works for you.

I'll even send you timely reminders of what's due & when! 


STEP 4: Save yourself unnecessary stress...

I'll give you a digital filing system and checklist to make your content gathering easy. That also makes sure your content is collected in the right format, first time!


STEP 5: Let me do the work for you...

I'm here to help you every step of the way! All of the content layout and print work is done for you.

No hassle with uploading content to an online yearbook service.
No hassle dealing with printers and preparing print ready artwork.

You get to review everything before it goes to print. 

You'll receive a digital PDF print proof of your yearbook so you can see how everything looks. 

Once you approve your yearbook, you can sit back and relax.  

I’ll take care of the printing and deliver them to you in plenty of time for your graduation!

Together we'll get your yearbook project delivered on time, every time!

Now that's... yearbooks made easy!


Are you ready?

Next June, your 6th Class students will graduate from Primary School, marking the end of their 8-year journey since they started out as Junior Infants. They will leave with their favourite memories from their first day and making new friends to funny stories from class trips and lots of others along the way too.

Will you capture these memories forever, in their very own yearbook - a little piece of their history to treasure for years to come?